Pearl Extract


相當於傳統的珍珠葯湯 – 是以富含強化功能微量

因此珍珠萃取具有所謂”NMM” 因子- Natural Marine Mineral supply 天然礦物質補充因子的功能


Dissolve high-purity freshwater pearl powder in water rich in marine minerals with special dissolution technology Naturally hydrolyzed pearl liquid penetrates the epidermis and has a moisturizing and moisturizing effect.

Equivalent to the traditional pearl soup – is rich in enhanced function Elemental composite mineral seawater based extraction Therefore, pearl extraction has the function of a so-called “NMM” factor – Natural Marine Mineral supply These important minerals interact with many enzymes that affect the normal function of the skin and the structure of the hair, and help the detoxification pathway of antioxidants, while the amino acids have a moisturizing effect.



Air Alkari – 碱性水